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  • FIWARE Refugee Challenge
    • open group
    • 42 members

    FIWARE Refugee Challenge

    Europe needs innovative ideas to turn the refugee crisis into the opportunity it is. Therefore, we invite all startups of the FIWARE family and beyond to apply with their solutions for a specific existing challenge.
  • Open Data
    • open group
    • 20 members

    Open Data

    If you are into the open data scene and FIWARE this is your group!
  • [Event] Investment Forums
    • open group
    • 19 members

    [Event] Investment Forums

    All information on investment forums organized for the FIWARE startups.
  • [Event] ePitches
    • open group
    • 19 members

    [Event] ePitches

    If you are interested to join our online pitching events to find funding or partners, please join this group an get further information.
  • Smart Cities
    • open group
    • 19 members

    Smart Cities

    This group is open for all community members interested in technologies and applications for smart cities.
  • The FIWARE Vision
    • open group
    • 17 members

    The FIWARE Vision

    Discuss and shape the vision of the FIWARE Open Source Community.
  • Media & Content
    • open group
    • 11 members

    Media & Content

    Meeting point for developers using FIWARE for realizing Media&Content Web and Mobile applications.
  • Social Startups
    • open group
    • 7 members

    Social Startups

    FIWARE for good
  • QA Team
    • open group
    • 6 members

    QA Team

    Technical excellence for software engineering supporting FIWARE software
  • Growth Acceleration
    • open group
    • 4 members

    Growth Acceleration