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Glue and Blue: Discover how it works and can help to deploy IoT at home

The time is now; Things are able to communicate. What’s next? Glue & Blue offers you a simple and personalized solution to let the Internet of things technology enter into your life!
You choose the look of your sensor, the “glue” part. It’s totally personalized and you can choose a design from the marketplace, from the community, order a personalized design to Glue and Blue 3D team, and even design design one yourself.
So order your Glue already printed and get it done, or if you have a 3D printer you can also print it yourself at home.
Now, you choose the “Blue” part of your solution, the Bluetooth Smart-enabled node powered by HOP Ubiquitous technology. All the power of the Internet of Things with a communication stack able to connect it to Internet. The most important thing, the Blue nodes offer you a scalable, secure and easy mechanism to configure them. The best way to develop and satisfy all your ideas and needs. The Blues nodes are offered with different functions such as temperature, Humidity, Microphone, gases, presence, and control units for water, energy etc.
Your sensor is ready! Once in your hands, you just need a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer to make the device work the way you want. The Possibilities are endless! 
Once your device is set up with your smartphone, it will be authenticated and ready to be used by you. Just log-in into the Glue and Blue platform, your device will appear directly in your personal dashboard. Everything is ready to define the behaviors and logic you need. It is very simple with the drag and drop web interface to build your rules in order to define the data to monitor, actions to carry out, and the event notifications that are relevant for you.
You can make objects talk to you. In the kitchen, they can notify you in every step in order to optimize the cooking time. 
Also the environment can be controlled. Is the grass ok? Do your plants need water? What about the quality of the air inside and outside?
Do you have a child? How is your baby sleeping? You can get different notifications, such as noise detection, temperature and humidity in the room, even gas level! Build a better world with the benefits of the Internet of Things.
Glue & Blue can help you get to the comfort level you want in your life. When do you want to start? The Internet of things is closer than ever, and ready to work for you.

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      Inspiring IT to work easily is a test notwithstanding when every one of the parts are in-house, yet that is nothing contrasted and the broadly scattered Internet of Things. Organization went for improving the mix of every one of those IoT pieces.



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